BNPP not safe and too expensive to rehabilitate

GREEN CONVERGENCE tells Congress citing results of a classified government-commissioned four-year extensive study from 1988 to 1992.

GREEN CONVERGENCE, an alliance of greens, environmental and civil society organizations, in a letter sent to the House Committee on Appropriations and Energy last night demanded that the committee open up a closed-door meeting today at 2pm on H.B. 4631 seeking the immediate recommissioning of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).

The group told the House that in 1988-1992, the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the BNPP and the Presidential Commission on the Philippine Nuclear Power Plants  (PC-PNPP) commissioned a legal-technical study as part of our government’s preparation for the litigation against the Westinghouse case on the BNPP. During that time, because the litigation was ongoing, these studies were confidential and not made public

The group said that they are seriously alarmed at what a former technical consultant of both the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the BNPP and the PC-PNPP, Mr. Nicanor Perlas shared with them that this report concluded that the quality assurance program of the BNPP failed the required regulatory standard and that the BNPP could never be operated. He also said that based on internal discussions during the preparation of the report, even if we spent $ 1B during that time, it will not be enough to guarantee the safety of BNPP . This is the very reason why the government mothballed the plant permanently, he added.

Mr. Perlas and the Green Convergence are now demanding that the Senate and the office of the President to release the results of this study.

They also question the basis of the current discussions in Congress looking at the safety concerns on the BNPP if Congress have not considered details of this study for which the government spent millions of pesos to commission.

“How can Congress start discussion on allocating Filipino people’s money for such a major & expensive project if we have not fully exhausted the full facts about the safety of BNPP and when a previous extensive study by government has concluded that it cannot be safely operated?”, says Dr. Angelina Galang, Convenor of the Green Convergence.

Green Convergence is composed of more than 40 organizations advocating safe food, healthy environment and sustainable economy.


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