“Lumalawig na Pag-aayuno” vs. BNPP

Lumalawig na pag-aayuno laban sa BNPPFervent petition for the grant of the light of honor and of reason to prevail in resolving the issue of the proposed revival of the extremely dangerous and very costly nuclear power plant project in Bataan

Light of honor, reason and wisdom that will stop the majority of our national legislators from their move to revive the extremely dangerous and very costly Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) project, without even just disclosing, studying and taking into account the thick scientific and technical documentation pointing out dozens of thousands of defects in the plant as constructed.

Starting on April 9, the historic Bataan Day, and the blessed day of Maundy Thursday this year, and in the forthcoming days, we the undersigned freely choose to undertake the “Lumalawig na Pag-aayuno” (expanding and extended-relay fasting) for the deeply heartfelt petition for the grant of the

This is an act of irresponsibly gambling with the lives, safety, health, and peace of mind of present and future generations of our people. We are undertaking this to seek the light of knowledge, courage and fortitude for the people to dare stop the representatives of our respective districts from such criminal irresponsibility.

And we are undertaking this to seek the light of more fortitude in reason and heroism on the part of a currently-small minority of our solons in Congress who are now opposing the proposed legislation of the majority.  Each one of us is hereby committing to fast for seven days, and for any and all of us, each of such committed days may be redeemed by a new participant who shall also commit to fast for seven days, in a system of relay and multiplication of fasting participants that will surely prolong and broaden this collective sacrificial activity.

We shall end this prolonged and expanding fast the moment an official declaration is released by the House of Representatives rejecting HB 4631 or any bill to revive the BNPP, or any official announcement from the House to suspend any consideration therein of any such bill while the the scientific and technical documentation commissioned and already spent for by the Republic of the Philippines shall have been found, propagated and closely studied by all the members of the House.

Until any such announcement is made, this “Lumalawig na Pag-aayuno” will be continued in Morong, Bataan, and in various parts of the Philippine Archipelago and in all other countries overseas where are Filipinos concerned for about the of compatriots here in our homeland.
May we be blessed in this undertaking by Bathalang Maykapal!

1. Prof. Ed Aurelio C. Reyes  residente ng Subic, Zambales na di-kalayuan sa Morong, Bataan ; Pasimuno at Punong Tagapagsalita, Kamalaysayan (Kaisahan sa Kamalayan sa Kasaysayan); at
Kalihim-Pangkalahatan ng Pamayanang SanibLakas ng Pilipinas at ng World Environment Day-Philippines Network

During the fasting period of each participant, s/he shall eat only one light meal per day, like two soft-boiled eggs, with crackers or some rice, or the equivalent of this, without any limitation to drinking water and/or any liquid. The holding of this fast in any place shall be a setting for dissemination and discussion of facts about this issue, and shall be disclosed to reporters of the mass media, including the media organizations in the locality concerned.


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