Legislative forum on the French Nuclear Failures

Greenpeace is  organizing a legislative forums on the French Nuclear Failures on May 11, 1-3 PM at the Senate, and on May 12, 1-3 PM in Congress. Greenpeace invited Mr. Yves Marignac, MSc to speak about the status of the French nuclear power industry. We are hoping that the experience and insights of Mr. Marignac on the French nuclear power industry, one of the biggest in the world, will further inform the current debate on the proposal to revive the Philippine nuclear power program.

There are limited slots for public participation in both and if you are interested, please let me know (for the Senate forum) and Malou Tabios (for Congress) by tomorrow. We are coordinating with the office of Sen. Madrigal and Rep. Lagman for these activities, so we need  to give them ample time to make the necessary arrangements for permits,etc.

Yves Marignac is a consultant on nuclear and energy issues and Executive Director of the energy-information agency, WISE-Paris. Previously, he worked at the Paris-XI University, the French Energy Commission (Commissariat a’l’ Energie Atomique) and the nuclear company Société des Techniques en Milieu Ionisant (STMI). He has authored many publications on energy, nuclear and global environmental issues, and acted as an expert for France’s Prime Minister’s services and the European Parliament. He is currently a member of the International Panel on Fissile Materials (IFPM).

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