Ride against the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant! Energy revolution now!

Join Greenpeace for a revolutionary bike ride from Morong, Bataan to Quezon City on May 23-May 25, 2009 as a protest against the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Ride with Greenpeace for safe, sustainable and renewable energy future for the Philippines! If you believe that now is the time to use clean, sustainable and renewable energy then enlist with the energy revolution now!

Nuclear power is not the way to achieve energy security. It is costly, dangerous and will keep us reliant on foreign fuel. It is not the answer to the climate crisis.

One key solution to genuine energy security and climate change is energy efficient and renewable energy. Renewable energies, such as solar, wind and modern biomass, are clean, safe and cheap. And the best thing about it is: we already have a Renewable Energy Law! We don’t need to revive outdated technology like the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant to achieve our quest for energy solutions.

The ride will span over two and a half days, going through the towns of Balanga, Bagac, Orani, Samal, Hermosa, Dinalupihan in Bataan on the first day and through Pampanga and Bulacan on the second day. The third day will commence from Malolos, Bulacan to Quezon City. We hope that the riders will meet with other groups and individuals and continue the ride all the way to the Congress to protest the proposal to revive the BNPP.

One Response to “Ride against the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant! Energy revolution now!”
  1. manilyn jamora says:

    I merely agree and support your campaign opposing to the revival of the Bagac Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. That’s very harmful to our health and safety cannot be assured by using this project.

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