Join Us in Commemorating June 20 Welgang Bayan

On June 20, 1985, the province of Bataan was witness to the biggest protest-action directed against the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), also known as the infamous “Monster of Morong”.

That day was the tail-end of a three-day protest dubbed Welgang Bayan Laban sa Plantang Nukleyar that drew an estimated 33,000 concerned Filipinos from all walks of life from as far as Manila and nearby provinces to march to Balanga, the capital town of Bataan. It was a march that made history, the overwhelming sentiment to put a stop to the operation of the BNPP made the province of Bataan stand still for a day.

They braved the heat, rain, fatigue, thirst and hunger, yet unwavering and steadfast against tanks and soldiers’ barricades. Bataan’s streets and dirt roads overflowing with ordinary folk, young and not so young, standing up for the sake of their loved ones against the danger of a fully-operational nuclear plant. It bespoke of the kind of heroism and unity that would bring about the EDSA Revolution only a few months away.

Now, with the operation of the BNPP relentlessly pursued by Pangasinan Cong. Mark Cojuangco and his cohorts in Congress, and as anti-nuke leaders and members face harassment and repression; we need to reflect on the lessons of the 1985 Welgang Bayan as we renew our efforts to dismantle the BNPP.

Nuclear Free Bataan Movement Network or NFBM would like to invite you in commemorating the historical Welgang Bayan on June 20,2009. We will retrace the SALAKBAYAN ( Sakay at Lakbay) all through the towns of Bataan, to the momentous meeting ( salubong ) at Barangay Tuyo in Balanga of the North and South contingents of that historical march and will finish off with a program at Balanga Town Plaza.

For those who will be coming from Manila and other parts of the National Capital Region, please coordinate with us so that we can caravan to Bataan.

So that you can plan accordingly, the send-off in San Fernando Junction is scheduled at 7am and we are expected to meet up with the Zambales contingent by 9am in Layac.

From there we would caravan to the towns of Orion and Samal. In Samal, we will march to Abucay where we will have our lunch then afterwards continue onto Bgy. Tuyo to meet the South Contingent for the ‘salubong’ and a short program.

From there, the whole march would head to Balanga Town Plaza for the program proper.

Please wear comfortable green shirts, and footwear, as well as bring provisions for food and drink. If you can, please bring enough to share. If you would like to participate in the program, please don’t hesitate to inform us.

We hope to see you there!

You may contact Chester Amparo @ 09228765851 or email for more information.


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