Gabi ng sining laban sa plantang nukleyar

Gabi ng sining laban sa plantang nukleyar

One Response to “Gabi ng sining laban sa plantang nukleyar”
  1. Gina Reyes says:

    To the blog administrator of “No to BNPP!”:

    I am a graduate student taking up my Master of Arts in Social Psychology in Ateneo De Manila University. As part of the requirements of one subject I am taking this semester, I need your group to respond to a survey I am administering on assessing people’s attitudes towards or against the BNPP. This is a NEUTRAL and independent survey which seeks to come up with a valid scale in effectively assessing people’s attitudes on a given topic, in this case, the BNPP. Your participation as one of the main groups opposing against the BNPP is highly significant and instrumental to the success of my study. Kindly email me at so I can provide you and your group the survey questions. Many thanks and I am very much looking forward to your email.

    Best regards,
    Gina Reyes
    Candidate, MA in Social Psychology
    Ateneo De Manila University

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