‘Learn From Japan’

Philippines Not Safe for Nuke Plants Says Anti Nuke Group

“The devastating earthquake in Japan should open our eyes to the reality that the Philippines is not a safe place for nuclear plants,”

This was the statement of Nuclear Free Bataan Movement Network Co-Chairperson Atty. Dante Ilaya in reaction to the news that Japan is gripped by a nuclear emergency as five nuclear reactors at two power plants, including its oldest plant, Fukushima 1, lost its cooling ability in the aftermath of Friday’s powerful quake that has devastated the country.

Around twenty thousand residents have been evacuated as radiation levels have reached a 1000x normal.

Ilaya quoted meteorologists as they warned that countries within the Pacific Ring of Fire should expect a series of quakes in the coming weeks. The Philippines is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

“Our country is often visited by earthquakes and we do not have the technology to prevent a nuclear disaster in case of a strong earthquake. Japan, despite being industrialized turns out to be helpless against it,” pointed out Ilaya.

“Just imagine what would happen if the Philippines were to have a nuclear plant and be struck by the same disaster. It would be catastrophic,” added Monsignor Tony Dumaual, NFBM Chair.

“Better for us to go for clean energy like solar,” he added.


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